Friday, October 5, 2012

"Can I have scotch, doctor?"

"Only if it's good scotch."

Beyond that humorous line, this post in the NY Times Well blog is a beautifully written piece by a woman, an English professor, and an ovarian cancer patient. Thanks Andrew for referring it to me.

I did, actually, ask my nurse practitioner if I could drink while undergoing chemo (well, not while actually being infused, of course). And, if that's not a sure sign of feeling better, I'm not sure what is. The short answer is yes, I can drink alcohol, in moderation. An occasional beer or glass of wine is fine, but alcohol can lower blood counts (at least that's what I understood - more biological-savvy people feel free to correct me) so doing kegstands at a frat party might not be wise.

Gearing up for round two next week. I think I'm sticking with comedy for entertainment value - and might be adding Fawlty Towers - a short-lived John Cleese British comedy series - to my collection. Thanks Lia for the email which reminded me of the show.

In the meantime, looking forward to a three-day weekend with several runs, some football, some apple picking, and at least one blog post.