Monday, October 28, 2013

Cancer: My Distant Relative

When I was first diagnosed, cancer was so intimately involved in my life it essentially moved into my house, shared a room, consumed our resources. It was a member of the immediate family, always present and always on my mind.

Over the two plus years since diagnosis, though, I've been able to create a little distance. Even when I was undergoing chemo, it felt like cancer had moved away a bit -- to perhaps the position of an extended family member who I might think of often, but only visit occasionally.

Then, after treatment ended, cancer became more a family relative, who I still think of often -- if not quite as often -- and only visit infrequently. Which brings me to where I am today: If cancer were part of my family, it would be a distant relative -- one I know exists but don't plan on visiting any time soon.

That's good progress

But eventually, I'd love for cancer to be that distant relative I didn't even know I had.