Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three Months Out

About two weeks ago I followed up with Dr. LeCasce. Bloodwork looked normal. Lymph nodes seemed small. All clear for another three months.

Really, my situation hasn't changed from July 11 (my last appointment) to October 6th. But it feels very different.  I had written a post back in August but never published it -- and when I read it now, it just doesn't seem right. Back in August, I was obsessed with every ache and pain -- was it just an ache and pain, or was it a symptom. Now, after a clean bill of health (or as clean as I'm going to get -- meaning, lymph nodes all seem normal and bloodwork is all normal), I'm not looking for symptoms. There have been days that go by and I realize that I haven't thought about cancer all day. (Now I have yet to make it a full day without thinking about cancer, but maybe that's a post to be made in three more months).

It feels like that I've at least proven to myself that I can make it three months with stability, which as I think about it, hadn't happened in a long time. The road to the cancer diagnosis began back in March or April and with each step, I grew closer to the diagnosis. I wasn't actually getting sicker, but it felt that way.

I'm running a couple of times a week; taking my iron pills again (interestingly enough, there's a link between distance running and anemia, but whatever, I'll take my iron pills); and I gave up caffeine.

The other day, Noah had a minor cold; Stacy was recovering from some kind of bug that had been knocking her around for two weeks and Matthew was nursing his broken arm. Noah said, as only he can, "Dad, you're the only healthy one in the family."

 True, that.