Friday, July 20, 2012

Diving In

Yesterday, I came across a post on Is My Cancer Different's Facebook page that made me stop and comment. I've been following IMCD on Facebook for a while now but had really engaged with them. As I dug around their FB page, I liked their posts. 

The website is here: but most of the activity takes place on their Facebook page. Their goal is to encourage all patients to consider asking that question: Is my cancer different? And they're right in that every cancer, and more importantly, every cancer patient is different. It's what the good folks at Dana-Farber practice. 

Now IMCD is sponsored by a GE Healthcare company called Clarient, but I don't see anything wrong with that. There's the occasional story that involves GE perhaps, but nothing untoward or unethical.

So why am I sharing this?

Well, in addition to their goal of getting one million shares on their FB page, they have a group of bloggers they call the Founding 100 and I've been admitted to that group. That means they'll be sharing my blog with the 22,000 people who follow them. 

So we might get a few more people listening to me think out loud. But as I said when the blog initially went from private to public, I don't intend to change what I write, or how I write. At the risk of repeating myself. writing for me is therapeutic -- not just for its ability to get things out of my head where they might do more harm than good, but also because I enjoy the act of writing for the blog, in a way that may be hard for non-writers to understand. It's my way of finding fun in an otherwise un-fun situation. I look forward to writing posts, and I look forward to sharing them with a few more people.