Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

Another connection between marketing theory and philosophy/spirituality.

Did you ever notice that after you make a major purchase or decision, you suddenly are inundated with messages (subtle and direct) about what you just bought? Let's say you bought your first Honda - it seems like every car you pass is a Honda.  Well, maybe Honda is a bad example because in my town, every car you pass is a Honda, specifically a gray Odyssey. But you get the idea. It's similar to the cognitive dissonance theory.

But let's look at another example that has nothing to do with purchasing.. Let's say you're reading a book or an article and you encounter a new word -- or even just look up a word that you didn't now. All of a sudden, you find that word in every story you read; in books, newspapers, even emails.

Did your purchase or your discovery spark a rapidly developing trend? Suddenly, everyone is using this brand new word? Of course not. Your brain is now just alerted to its existence - of the new word, the new car, the new food, the new friend. Whatever.

I've been reading the Momastery blog a lot this year. Yes, it's gone ridiculously viral and that's brought it to my attention. But two years ago, would the messages of a bruitful life (beautiful and brutal), of faith and hope, of individual kindness and understanding have resonated with me as much?

Probably not.

Did I just discover it because I'm more attuned to the message now, or did something more powerful than Facebook and Google,  help me discover the message now that I'm prepared to receive it?