Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Monday and I'm Blogging

This is a good sign. 

My post-chemo recovery has usually followed a consistent pattern: fine on Friday, a little tired Saturday, then a sluggish Sunday followed by still slower Monday. It's usually not til Tuesday that I can muster up the eyeball energy to look at a computer screen. (See last month's post for reference.) But today, I've even been able to  get a little work done -- nothing fancy, but just some email that required a slight dose of brain power. 

Good thing it didn't require much more, because I've been sitting here trying to string two solid paragraphs together and this is about as far as I'm getting. Ah well. I'm optimistic that tomorrow will bring a somewhat normal day with maybe the need for a few more breaks than normal.

Four rounds done. Two to go.