Saturday, January 5, 2013

Blog of the Year Award 2012

With thanks to Andrew at My Lymphoma Journey, Thinking Out Loud has been nominated for a 2012 Blog of The Year Award.

I'm pleased to hear that, but even more pleased that the blog has proven to be exactly what I needed for navigating my cancer journey. When it began as a private space to jettison the baggage that was weighing me down, it was immensely therapeutic. It remains that - and even more important for me now as I finish up by chemo treatment plan (only one more round to go!) - but it's been immensely gratifying to see and hear (via comments, emails and other communications) that it's been helpful for others who are diagnosed, or have friends and family that have been diagnosed. I hope that continues in 2013.

My favorite blogs for 2012 are varied -- sometimes very self-focused -- and only a few relate to cancer. Here are some, I'll call it my Eclectic Eight, oops, make that Nine in random order.

1. My Lymphoma Journey - I love Andrew's blog because of his outlook, and his extensive posting of other blog links of interest. I followed many of his links to great information. And I would have nominated him WELL before he nominated me if I had known about it.

2. Momastery - I don't think there's a person out there with a bigger heart than Glennon Melton and her band of Monkees. I love her humor and her philosophy. She has more faith than I do, but that never stops me from appreciating her bruitful honesty and approach.

3. A Little Peace of Paper - My creative talent starts and stops with words on the page. Stacy's extends to the 3-dimensional world and her creative talents put a smile on my face. Okay in the interest of full-disclosure, we are married but still, all bias aside, it's a great little blog.

4. Life Interrupted - Suleika Jaloud writes with honesty and emotion in her beautiful blog about a young adult whose life was just beginning when cancer interrupted.

5. Fenway Reflections - If you're a diehard baseball fan or if you want some great perspective on Boston sports, Saul Wisnia's blog is for you. This sports-writer and multi-book author's blog offers great takes on current events and historical context.

6. Floatsam of the Mind - Cynthia, I might make it my resolution to read this more often. It's a lighter side of my basic rationale for my blog (thinking out loud) and it gives me a chance to smile and see your photography!

7. NIH Director's Blog - I've stayed away from corporate, institutional or professional bloggers for the most part (otherwise, I'd be obligated to list Dana-Farber's Insight) but I started following Dr. Francis Collins blog recently and it's informative and intelligent and worth reading (and very professionally done.)

8. Well Scituated - Another creative outlet for me, Jess' is a talented designer who is turning her talent to momhood and her beautiful baby Ainsley. As a kindred creative, I liked her design thoughts and look forward to the blog's migration to momhood!

9. Martin's Musings - I don't know if the genesis of this blog is from Martin's Moments back at our day's working together at Melcher St. but it's evolved into a fun and interesting read.

There they are, my Eclectic Elite 8 er, 9. Hope you enjoy them.

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