Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And Then There Was One


Most clinicians and patients will tell you that exercise is an effective and important way to manage chemotherapy side effects. The question always is: how much? After five rounds of trial and error, I feel like Goldilocks. I think I've got the amount of exercise just right.

Instead of limiting my post treatment days to a short walk, this go round I managed a slow, short run -- maybe 1.5-2 miles -- on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. As a result, my usual miserable Monday was much more manageable. Even more so than last month's round. And my Tuesday was all but normal. I'm not sure if that's a direct result of the more active exercise on the weekend, but it's the only variable I've changed so I'm going with it.

I'll take that information into next month's final round -- hoping it's the last time I'll need that knowledge for a long time.