Friday, March 8, 2013

Waiting for CT

And now we wait.

I had scans yesterday morning but due to scheduling, I'm not seeing Dr. L until Monday. I've been debating whether to post something between now and then or not. I guess I've decided to post.

The people at the CT reception desk have one of the most difficult jobs. They are greeting people who are likely anxious at best (what will the scans show?), tired (my scans are always in the morning and that means trying to trek into Boston ahead of the commuting crowd), hungry (no food for at least four hours prior),  and forced to drink two bottles of crappy tasting contrast that is only partially masked by a Crystal Light.  And to top it all off, the pressure is on the CT folks to keep things moving  because for many, that's how the day begins - blood draw by a nurse and then CT, followed by either MD appointment, infusion and/or other fun.

And yet at 7:30 yesterday morning, the gentleman who checked me in was smiling, pleasant and efficient. The nurse who prepped me for CT (questions, ID check, dispensing of contrast) was friendly and equally efficient; the assistant who walked me to the nurse was kind and sweet; the nurse who drew my blood? Again, smiling, chatty, and a big fan of Dr. L (not the first nurse I heard to say that). And lastly, the CT tech, friendly, personable, and from Rhode Island.

One of Dana-Farber's core values is compassion.  And to me, it's never demonstrated better than by the ability of everyone I interact with on any given day to greet me with a smile and a kind voice.  I was in and out of CT in 90 minutes and the consistency of the warmth and friendliness made a difference.