Friday, July 5, 2013

The History of Lymphoma

Sometimes my work and patient worlds collide. Sometimes, I'm the one responsible for that.

Back in March, I went to my first lymphoma conference. It was a good conference, all things considered, and I sat in on an interesting talk about the history and current state of lymphoma. I thought it might make for good viewing beyond the conference.

Since Dr. LaCasce gave the talk, and since she's both my medical oncologist and Dana-Farber faculty, I asked her if we could put it up on Dana-Farber's Slideshare page.  She agreed. If you haven't used Slideshare before, it's a social media site for presentations. You can view presentations, or in some cases, like this one, listen and view simultaneously. (I'd recommend using Internet Explorer or Safari, though. It's not always smooth sailing on Chrome or Firefox, nor is it great on mobile platforms.)

Anyway, it's about a 30-minute talk and it's interesting, particularly if you have an interest in lymphoma. If you want the shorter summary, you can find that on the Dana-Farber blog.