Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Eating Up Information

When I left Dana-Farber last July, I wanted to get away from a work environment of "all cancer, all the time." Now that I'm back, there are some informational advantages.

It's not that I'm uncovering new treatment options -- I leave that to my doctor. But as I continue to focus on more digital publishing, I'm finding more information on things like nutrition. I worked with our nutritionist to edit and publish this talk on slidesare: Fighting Cancer with Your Fork. And in the course of editing it, I watched it three or four times.

Some of it actually stuck.

I'm eating more fruits and vegetables -- although that's a challenge during the crazy spring sports schedule we follow -- and less processed food. And now, after watching this video from 60 Minutes, I'm trying to cut down on my sugar. 

For the longest time, I've been drinking my coffee with a splash of milk and one sugar. Funny thing. When I leave out the sugar, I actually like the taste just as much. Fortunately, chips contain no added sugar.

As Jamie Oliver would say, eat your veg.