Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day One in the Bag

Or actually, it's not in the bag, it's out of the bag, as in nothing left to drip.

All in all a good day, but a long day. After early blood work and a visit with Dr. LaCasce and then a trip downstairs to get the anti-nausea drugs, we started chemo around 10:40 and wrapped about 6:00. It went saline, then  pre-meds for Bendemustine (some anti-nausea pills).

Then we did pre-meds for Rituxan (which I believe was a Benadryl drip and some tylenol and steroids in pilla), Anyway, no allergic reaction to the Rituxan and the main effect was a dizzy, kind-of vertigo, kind of restless feeling in arms and legs, due we think to the Benadryl. An ativan helped that quickly.

Right now, I'm just a little on the light-headed side but as functional today as I was yesterday. The nausea may surface over the next few days, but I've got some magic pills to hopefully keep it at bay.

Day two will be much shorter, and hopefully will include a nap ;)

Stacy and I had competing iPads. At one point, we both have been using both phones (for texting) and iPads at the same time!

Super shout-out to Cynthia again for making Princess Bride watchable. Not only did it pass the time and let me watch it close up on my shiny iPad, but it also passed time as I got into a line-posting thread on FB. Inconceivable.


A view inside the Healing Garden on the third floor of DFCI'S Yawkey Center.
Utterly quiet except for the sound of birds chirping -- on  a CD, but still, very cool space
with plants that change seasonally, and where I finished yesterday's blog post.