Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Recovery through a (limited) Social Media Barometer

At the beginning of the week, I had grand plans to use social media to track the week. But as the week wore on, that shifted a bit. It went something like this:

Thursday, Day 1 - Okay, first day of treatment. I should tweet about it or something.

Friday, Day 2 - This isn't so bad. Short treatment day. How about a FB post with a picture? There. Coffee in hand. Perfect.

Saturday, Day 3 - Quick. Get a blog post up while I still have the energy.

Sunday, Day 4 - Hard to post while horizontal.

Monday, Day 5 - I should write something. Or maybe change my Facebook status . Or Tweet. Nah. Maybe I'll just take a nap..

Tuesday, Day 6 - Hmmm, this post I started the other day sort of works.

Wednesday, Day 7 - Okay, new post.  New FB status completely unrelated to chemo.

Let week two begin.

I'm feeling somewhat better today. The mornings are still filled with a little nausea (pretty sure I'm not pregnant) but as long as I remember to eat, I actually feel better. That sounds odd, I realize but that's the way it's been working. I'm hoping to have a mostly full day in the office tomorrow.  My team and colleagues at work have been great keeping things on track so that I can rest some and work at home. I can't imagine getting through this week if I had to be in the office the whole time.

Thanks everyone for their words of support!