Friday, September 14, 2012

Round 1, Day 2

"Louie and Phil's optimism, and Mac's hopelessness, were becoming self-fulfilling"

Starbucks? Check. Ready to go.
I just read that quote from Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken, (thanks, Dad)  today. This afternoon as I was recovering from two days of chemo. As I said the other day, it's interesting how words and phrases present themselves when you're most ready to, or in need of, seeing them. It's not that I needed to see that quote, but it resonates with a lot of what I've read and written. So with that, a quick summary of day two.

A very easy day, after pre-meds and then Bendamustine, I was done in two hours. And while I'm still a little light-headed, it's not even close to debilitating or even activity altering. I'm going to take it easy tomorrow, but if I'm up for it, hope to do an easy run on Sunday. (Did you hear that Greg B?)

I've had more fruits and veggies today than I don't know when, thanks to a day that started with a fruit cup from the Dana-Farber Dining Pavilion, followed by a salad and tomato/mozzarella panini at Panera for lunch, and then snacks from a very fruity edible arrangement (thanks Amy and Tom!), and tasty drinks from our new acquisition (see below).

Anyone for a tomato, cucumber, celery,
and serrano pepper juice? Not bad. Next time,
more tomatoes, less cukes, more pepper

I continue on the anti-nausea for another two days. By Monday, nausea shouldn't be an issue (and it isn't now thanks to the anti-nausea drugs) but the effects of the steroids may wear off making be a little tired. We'll see. So far, so good, and I remain optimistic that the rest of the between chemo cycles will continue to go well. Then back to Dana-Farber on October 11 and I'll take more pictures. (Well, I'll be back to Dana-Farber on Monday, but just to work.)

All the well wishes, the emails, the texts, the facebook comments, messages, phone calls, owl notes, and all the positive energy helped more than you can imagine. Thank you all (and particularly Stacy!!)

I'd also be remiss if I didn't brag about the great care that Dana-Farber provides. I heard patients telling stories about their care teams all the time, and I got it. But until you get it, you don't get it. From the vitals nurses, to the assistants to the primary nurse (Sara - you're the best)  to the parking valets, the volunteers, the cashiers in the dining pavilion, the pharmacists, the blood draw nurses, the CT techs, the schedulers -- you name it. All friendly, personal, smiling. I didn't chose Dana-Farber; it choose me. But if I were to have chosen it, it wouldn't have been for the friendliness of the clinical staff; it would have been for their special expertise and ability to FIX THIS. That everyone is also so calm, friendly, patient and understanding turns out to be as important in the end as the skill -- in fact, it's actually a skill in itself.