Friday, November 9, 2012

8 Random Observations After Round Three

Not sure what it is, but I've been thinking in lists and numbers of late it seems. So while the steroids are still coursing through my veins, keeping the fog at bay, 8 random observations about my treatment.

  • I'm more productive sitting in the infusion chair than I am in my office. It's kind of like flying. When I travelled often for work, I longed for a 3-hour flight to have uninterruped thinking and working time.
  • A joke: What do voting and getting chemo have in common? You don't need an IQ test for either. (Inspired by idiotic conversation of two patients in the waiting room. Sigh.)
  • Smiles are always good. Laughs even better. Seriously, there must be research that actually bears this out. 

  • Twenty years ago, if I wanted to update people real time, I would have had to find a payphone at the hospital.
  • And if I wanted to recap the events afterwards, I suppose I would have written a letter.
  • Three done. Three to goBloodwork looked good yesterday (in fact, hemoglobin/hematocrit hasn't looked this good for 3 years, probably.)  Here's to that continuing. Next month, we get bloodwork and scans before treatment.
  • I've seen the bill for chemo (not just my copay, but the whole cost) and I don't care where you stand politically but thank God for healthcare insurance, and for two important considerations: no preexisting condition exclusion; and no cap on lifetime insurance coverage.

  • And, finally, having  heard the old, cranky wife of my infusion neighbor who, among other things was complaining that he was taking his pills one at a time (he was having difficulty swallowing), and was yelling at him because he wanted to go kayaking... NEXT SUMMER, it reminded me that I have an incredibly supportive wife, family and friends. Thank you!