Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I was planning on writing about exercise -- about how I made a conscious effort to do some every day during the first week and how that really seemed to help.

And I was going to mention our new push-up regimen that my boys and I do every night. I had hoped to get to 50 by the time I turn 50 but I'm running out of time.

And I was also going to talk about some long-term running goals. (No. No new marathons in sight, but maybe a half...)

But instead I ended up watching this Ted talk video which I found on Momastery. It's a longish video (20 minutes) but if you watch it, you'll find out why it's been viewed six million times. It's a very interesting topic which may not be specific to cancer care and such, but it touches on some themes that I've written about -- and on topics that I think are worth thinking about.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. I know well what I'm thankful for -- and all your support is at the top of that list.